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On this page you will find a collection of resources of sport and exercise psychology-related topics that are oftentimes addressed as a part of service provision within individual and team consultations.

Graduate students in our program have collected and adapted many of these for their own work (while including the original citation for each activity when available), while also including some of their own original ideas throughout. It is our hope to continue to build this site with additional resources that will serve as a substantial help to others seeking a variety of applied tools and ideas for use within sport and exercise psychology settings.





Arousal Regulation
Activity Duration PDF
Relaxation Techniques 1-10 minutes pdf

This section is under construction.

Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
Active Listening 20-30 pdf
Birthday Line-Up 15-20 pdf
Go! 5-10 pdf
Gossip 10-15 pdf
Hummingbird 5-10 pdf
Leading the Blind 20-30 pdf
Minefield 15-25 pdf
One Ball, Two Ball, Three Ball, Four 10-15 pdf
Silent Alphabetical Order 5-10 pdf
Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
Conquer the Cup 30-60 pdf
Learning to Shift Attention  Unspecified pdf
Thumper 20-30 pdf
Wrong Way Wiffle Ball   Unspecified pdf
Exercise Adherence
Resource PDF
A-Ha! pdf
Behavioral Contract pdf
Calories Spent per Minute pdf
Decision Balance Sheet pdf
Stress Buffer Shield pdf
30 High Risk Situations, 30 Coping Responses pdf
Goal Setting
Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
Goal Setting Staircase   Unspecified pdf
Road to Success  60-120 pdf
Ups & Downs  15-20 pdf
When Somebody Claps Twice  15-20 pdf
Resource PDF
Goal Setting Skills pdf
Ups & Downs Game Board pdf
Resource PDF
How are your imagery skills? pdf
What type of imagery is best for you? pdf
Injury & Coping
Resource PDF
Soothing Imagery pdf
Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
Identifying Prescribed Leaders  30-45 pdf
Leadership Pass  20-30 pdf
Magic Carpet: Finding Emergent Leaders  30-45 pdf
Who’s at Your Table  15-20 pdf
Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
Confidence Kick 45-60 pdf
Hit the Mark 10-20 pdf
Strengths Quilt 25-35 pdf
Resource PDF
Self-Confidence pdf

This section is under construction.

Team Building
Activity Duration (in minutes) PDF
123=12 15-20 pdf
Bull in the Ring 15-20 pdf
Follow the Leader…But who is it? 20-30 pdf
Human Pyramid 15-20 pdf
Jelly Bean Jar 15-20 pdf
MacGyver 15-20 pdf
No Show 45-60 pdf
The Bench 15-20 pdf
The Island 20-30 pdf
The Shoe Game 10 pdf
Two Extremes 15-20 pdf
Resource PDF
Child Sport Cohesion Questionnaire pdf
Resource PDF
Athletic Identity Measurement Scale pdf
Identifying Transferable Life Skills pdf

Last updated: 11/2/2017

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