Nicholas Murray

Murray_NicholasAssistant Professor of Kinesiology
Ph.D., University of Texas El Paso
Office: Statesboro Campus-Hollis Building – Room 0107-B
Phone: 912-478-0203
Fax: 912-478-0381

Curriculum Vitae:


Research Interests:

  • Sport-related concussion
  • Biomechanics
  • Motor control
  • Oculomotor

Ongoing Projects:

  • Predictive postural control following sport-related concussion
  • Oculomotor control (clinical and laboratory based methods) during recovery from sport-related concussion
  • Athletes vs non-athletes (and elite athletes vs. novice athletes) training paradigms influence on postural stability, linear and non-linear measurements of postural control, effect of musculoskeletal injury on executive function, creation of novel sport-like measures to quantify motor deficiencies following sport-related concussion
  • Pediatric oculomotor control following sport-related concussion

Last updated: 3/14/2018

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