Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

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Students may “opt out” after the final Primary Care course and receive their MSN degree in order to be eligible to sit for their national certification exam. If students choose this option, they will have 2 years to return and complete the remaining DNP courses for the DNP Degree.

Both synchronous (live, real-time) and asynchronous (on your own, not live) formats are used. Most of the course work is asynchronous but live sessions are scheduled in selected online courses. Students should consult with individual course syllabi for specific live session requirements.

Post BSN-DNP-Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Curriculum Courses
* Below is an example of the curriculum. Course offerings may change as decided by the program director*
Course SubjectCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursClinical Hours
NURS9101Theoretical Basis for Clinical Scholarship2
NURS9102Research Design and Dissemination2
NURS9103Psychodynamics of Health2
NURS9104Pathophysiology & Differential Diagnosis3
NURS9105Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS9106Advanced Health Assessment3
NURS9107Role Transition for APRN2
NURS9110Health Policy Concerns in Delivery Systems3
NURS9140A-G PC 1 – Adult - Gerontology
NURS9141A-G PC 2 – Adult - Gerontology
NURS9142A-G PC 3 – Adult - Gerontology
NURS9708Advanced Health Assessment Clinical190
NURS9740A-G PC 1 – Adult - Gerontology Clinical
NURS9741A-G PC 2 – Adult - Gerontology Clinical
NURS9742A-G PC 3 – Adult - Gerontology Clinical
NURS9733Capstone Practice and Professional Issues290
Total Credit Hours-MSN Opt Out43
Total Clinical Hours-MSN Opt Out720
NURS9111Biomedical Ethics2
NURS9114Outcomes Management2
NURS9115Scholarly Writing at the Graduate Level1
NURS9116Leadership & Management in Practice Transformation3
NURS9207Role Transition for DNP Prepared APRN’s2
NURS9263Population Focused Collaborative Initiative3
NURS9117Clinical Project 13
NURS9118Clinical Project 23
NURS9119Clinical Project 33
Elective 13
Elective 23
Elective 33
Total Credit Hours-Post MSN-DNP34
Total Applied Clinical HoursMin 500
Post BSN-DNP Total Credit Hours77
Post BSN-DNP Total Clinical Hours1220
Post BSN-DNP-Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program of Study
Note: If you are receiving grant funds or foundation scholarships, you must be a full-time graduate student with a minimum five credit load per semester.
Prior to Start of Program
Graduate Intensive-Mandatory program orientation via online modules and 4 days on campus workshops.
Fall semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9101 Theoretical Basis for Clinical Scholarship (2)

NURS 9102 Research Design and Dissemination (2)

NURS 9103 Psychodynamics of Health (2)
Spring semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9104 Pathophysiology and Differential Diagnoses (3)

NURS 9105 Advanced Pharmacology (3)
Summer sessions (10 weeks)

Graduate Intensive on Campus

NURS 9108 Informatics (3)

NURS 9109 Epidemiology (2)
Total Credits 665
Fall semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9106 Advanced Health Assessment (3)

NURS 9706 Advanced Health Assessment Clinical
(90 hours) (1)

NURS 9107 Role Transition for APRN (2)
Spring semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9140 A-G PC1 (3)

NURS 9740 A-G PC1 Clinical
(180 hours) (2)
Summer sessions (10 weeks)

Graduate Intensive on Campus

NURS 9141 A-G PC2 (3)

NURS 9741 A-G PC2 Clinical
(180 hours) (2)
Total Credits 655
Fall semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9142 A-G PC3 (3)

NURS 9742 A-G PC3 Clinical
(180 hours) (2)
Spring semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9110 Health Policy Concerns in Delivery Systems (3)

NURS 9733 Capstone/Practice and Professional Issues
(90 hours) (2)
Summer semester (7 weeks)

Graduate Intensive on Campus

NURS 9111 Biomedical Ethics (2)

NURS 9207 Role Transition for DNP-Prepared APRNs (2)

NURS 9115 Scholarly Writing at the Doctoral Level (1)
Total Credits 55

MSN Opt-Out
MSN Comprehensive Exam
Total Credits: 43
Total Clinical Hours: 720
Fall semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9113 Biometrics (3)

NURS 9114 Outcome Mgmt (2)
Spring semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9263 Population Focus Collaborative Initiative (3)

Elective I (3)
Summer semester (10 weeks)

Graduate Intensive on Campus

NURS 9117 Clinical Project 1 (3)

Elective 2 (3)
Total Credits 566
Fall semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9116 Leadership and Management in Practice Transformation (3)

NURS 9118 Clinical Project 2 (3)
Spring semester (15 weeks)

NURS 9119 Clinical Project 3 (2)

Elective 3 (3)
Total Credits 66
Completion of a minimum of 500 applied hours required for Post-MSN-DNP Degree completion

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