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 Do you have an idea for a grant or find an FOA or have you found a grant opportunity? Please share with the CNSR and discuss plans for submission to facilitate identification of proposal and CNSR/Georgia Southern University needs.


Under the university’s general oversight and authority, the principal investigator (also the project administrator, project director, program administrator, and program director) of a sponsored project bears primary responsibility for (a) completion and technical compliance of the proposed scope of work, (b) fiscal stewardship of the sponsor’s funds, and (c) fulfillment of the project’s administrative requirements. The university must ensure that individuals serving as principal investigators have appropriate technical competence and administrative capabilities and a reasonably long-term commitment to the university.

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  1. PI contacts the CNSR and our grant coordinator to discuss proposals under development and to provide information about the funding program.
  2. Meet with Chair of the School of Nursing to discuss intended proposal and faculty work-load and budget issues.
  3. After review and approval, all proposals are submitted by the ORSSP on behalf of the Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation. As the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), the Executive Director in ORSSP must approve all proposals before they are submitted to external funding agencies.
  4. The full proposal and completed internal approval form (IAF), including necessary signatures, must be received by the ORSSP five (5) working days before the funding agency’s deadline. Failure to comply may result in the proposal being returned to the PI without ORSSP approval.

**All documents needing to be submitted with any grant application must be reviewed by CNSR 10 days before the deadline, as to leave sufficient time for last-minute review before submitting to the ORSSP.**


Please see the Pre-Award Timeline page for grant submission planning activities.


Last updated: 11/2/2017

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