Academic Policies

Students are encouraged to read the complete policy as listed in the course catalog and throughout university and college documentation. This summary is meant to help students understand only a specific portion of the policy that pertains to them. Please be sure to read the policy in its entirety by clicking the “Full Policy” link.

Limited Withdrawal Policy

Students are allowed to withdraw from a maximum of 5 courses during their time at Georgia Southern University. After reaching the maximum allowed number of withdrawals, students may elect to receive a WF (which will act as an F when calculating your GPA) or to receive the grade earned in the course.

Academic Standing Policy

When a student’s gpa drops below a 2.0, the student is no longer considered to be in good academic standing. The student has a total of 2 terms (which will include summer only if the student enrolls in summer classes) in which to raise the gpa. If the gpa is still below a 2.0 after those two terms, the student will be placed on academic exclusion.

Repeated Coursework Policy

Any course in which a student receives a grade of a D or better may only be repeated and counted toward federal financial aid eligibility once. If a course is taken a third time, the course would not be eligible for federal financial aid.

Release of Information (FERPA) Policy

We are not legally able to discuss a student’s progress, enrollment, grades, standing, etc. with anyone other than the students. If a student wishes for us to discuss anything similar to the above with someone other than themselves, the student may give permission by completing and submitting the form located in the Personal Settings section of MyGeorgiaSouthern. Without this information, we are limited to discussing only directory information as described in the formal policy.

First Day Attendance Policy

All students are required to attend the first class meeting of all classes for which they are registered. Students who do not attend the first class meeting of a course for which they are registered will be dropped from the course.

Transient Students

If you want to take courses at another college or university, you must fill out the “Transient Form” and follow the instructions. The form is available here.

WCHP SSC Override Policy

The Student Services Center CANNOT grant overrides to place students into courses that are full. Any such request should be taken to the professor or to the department offering the course.

Last updated: 11/6/2017

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