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Faculty Publish Research in the JADE

Gregg Rich, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology, and colleagues from Clayton State University and Clarkson University, recently published their research titled, “Student-Athletes at an Historically Black University (HBU): Examining the Relationships Between Student-Engagement on Campus and Career Situation Awareness” in the Journal of Athlete Development and Experience (JADE).

Their work examined the relationship between student-athletes’ engagement experiences on campus and their career situation awareness at a historically black university (HBU) with NCAA Division I affiliation in the Southeastern United States. 

“Findings of the study determined minority student-athletes of both sexes benefit by attending an HBU as it pertains to social enrichment and career perspective, however, white student-athletes do not have the same academic involvement on campus as their minority counterpart,” stated Rich. “Interestingly, the more that black female student-athletes utilize collective academic settings, such as the library, and engage in socially enriching environments, the less likely they are to perceive themselves to be athletes versus students.”


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