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Siekirk Awarded Grant to Assist with Research

headshot of Nicholas Siekirk

Nicholas Siekirk, assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology, has been awarded a $3083.00 grant from Georgia Southern University’s Faculty Research Committee to support his research in examining how recumbent exercise may help those who have experienced a unilateral stroke.
“Exercise adherence is influenced by patient motivation but also by the availability of resources,” stated Siekirk. “Rural communities often lack adequate access to many health care resources. In addition, these communities are also plagued by commonplace lifestyle factors that increase the risk of chronic disease. The community’s advancing age, limited insurance, and cofounding financial burdens also exacerbate the problem.”
This research, in part, will provide survivors in the local community access to supervised exercise. The intervention Siekirk will provide will focus on improving the function of the affected side and examine how recumbent exercise may transfer to the patient’s walking ability.
“Exercise programs for stroke survivors should be aimed at not only increasing independence but also reducing risk factors related to chronic disease. Recumbent exercise can be a useful tool that requires minimal supervision and combines aspects of strength and cardiovascular training.”
In addition, the research will provide opportunities for current students like Jordan Brown to gain hands-on experience. Brown, a second year graduate research assistant under Siekirk, noted being involved in research at Georgia Southern as one of the best parts of her college experience.
“I share similar research interests with Siekirk to include topics on unilateral stroke and how exercise can help these individuals. While working with Siekirk, I have been able to learn so much about the research process, proper data collection techniques and how to work various pieces of equipment in the labs. Additionally, Dr. Siekirk has taught me how to write IRBs and informed consents.” 
The research will be conducted in the newly renovated Waters College of Health Professions Kinesiology Research Laboratories located on Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus.


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