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Faculty Receive Grant to Reduce Student Costs

Affordable Learning Georgia has recently awarded Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology faculty a grant in the amount of $29,999.73 to adopt and/or create low-cost and no-cost course materials for the undergraduate human anatomy and physiology (HAP) laboratory courses at Georgia Southern University. The HAP laboratory course is a two-sequence course required of all allied health majors at Georgia Southern.

For Diana Botnaru, M.D., a professor of kinesiology, the grant will allow students to benefit from an improved course design, provide students with access to no-cost/low-cost supplemental materials and also reduce the financial burden of purchasing required textbooks.

“Over 2,700 students are enrolled in the HAP laboratory courses annually at Georgia Southern and this grant will allow us to provide students with a cost savings of over $50,000,” stated Botnaru.

Departmental faculty involved in the project included Diana Botnaru, M.D., Matthew Syno, M.S. Ed., Jody Langdon, Ph.D., Samuel Wilson, Ph.D., and Nicholas Siekirk, Ph.D., in addition to Georgia Southern colleagues Dawn Cannon-Rech and Deborah Walker.


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