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WCHP Well-Represented at 2021 Research Symposium

Fourteen students from the Waters College of Health Professions were selected and participated in Georgia Southern University’s Research Symposium this past April. The virtual, week-long event provides the opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative activity across all campuses. Below is the list of the college’s participants and their research.

  • Angela Adams-Poster Presentation: Home Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Via Telehealth
  • William Bean-Oral Presentation: The Effect of Motivational General-Mastery Imagery on Reaction Time Performance and Heart Rate
  • Brett Cross-Poster Presentation: Ultra-short Heart Rate Variability is Associated with Arterial Stiffness in Young Healthy Men and Women
  • Meral Culver-Poster Presentation: Actigraphy-Derived Sleep Metrics are Related to Metabolic but Not Vascular Health Measures in Young Adults
  • Sabrina Duffy-Poster Presentation: The Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Anencephaly
  • Austin Eubanks-Oral Presentation: Comparison of Mobilization Techniques Using the End Range of Motion Inc. (ERMI) Model vs. Human Subjects for Treatment Sessions in First Year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Students
  • Maddison Flowers-Oral Presentation: Epidemiology of Concussive Injuries in Collegiate Recreational Athletes
  • Kaitlyn Jeong-Oral Presentation: The Advancements of Ultrasound Technology to Aid in the Diagnosis of Amniotic Band Syndrome
  • Hunter Scholle-Oral Presentation: Handheld Dynamometry to Establish Total Arm Strength and Correlation to Selected Upper Extremity Functional Tests with Healthy Subjects
  • Samantha Simms-Oral Presentation: The Test-Retest Reliability of a Novel Single Leg Hop Test
  • Corbette Soltysiak-Oral Presentation: Home Exercise Prescription for Children with Down Syndrome and Physical and Occupational Therapists’ Perspective on Caregiver Compliance
  • Tylar Walker-Poster Presentation: College Athletes’ Experiences with Suffering a Re-Injury: A Phenomenological Investigation
  • Martha White-Oral Presentation: Hospice and Hurricanes: Providing Home Health Patients and Their Families Choices During Mandatory Evacuations
  • Imelda Zamora-Catano-Poster Presentation: The Diagnostic Evaluation in Therapeutic Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Utilizing Ultrasound.

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