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IPHCC – Video Case Studies


Video cases from Western University, Canada

  1. ​Albert – A 70 year old married man with past alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety all related to the long-ago death of his 7 year old son, which he has never been able to come to terms with. Recent visits to ER reveal lung disease and shortness of breath.
  2. Beth – A 30 year old single, unemployed woman with history of childhood sexual abuse and a past conviction of child molestation. She has rheumatoid arthritis, smoker, alcohol and drug abuse, weight-gain, depression, and housing issues.
  3. Black Family – A 32 year old pregnant mother of three young children, including a daughter with cystic fibrosis. Recently diagnosed with diabetes and admitted to hospital. Mr. Black is a heavy smoker who hasn’t been able to quit and is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of taking care of his family.
  4. Emma – A 73 year old married woman with diabetes and several related health issues; Rural health
  5. Molly – A 21 year old woman, 1 week post MVA with multiple injuries and fractures including spinal cord and trauma to head

Video cases from University of Minnesota, Ryerson University, and Thomas Jefferson University

  1. ​Mr. Edwards – patient being discharged from hospital, from University of Minnesota
  2. Wolcott Creek Interprofessional Collaboration Work- from Ryerson University
    1. Video 1
    2. Video 2
  3. Thomas Jefferson University Case Studies
    1. Initial home visit by multiple professionals for older woman with diabetes, CHF and frequent falls from Thomas Jefferson University.
    2. After fall at home, emergency hospitalization, surgery and post-op care from Thomas Jefferson University.
    3. Multiple health professionals helping patient in hospital after CVA from Thomas Jefferson University.

Last updated: 2/21/2019