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IPHCC Written Case Studies

Case Studies from Western University, Canada


  1. Emma Taffey – 73 year old married woman with diabetes and several related health issues; Rural health
  2. Jane Black – 32 year old pregnant mother of three young children, including a disabled daughter; recently diagnosed with diabetes and admitted to hospital
  3. Jasper Beardley – 85 year old living in a veterans’ care facility; Dementia, hip fracture; includes assessment findings for OT, PT, SLP and Audiology
  4. John Doe – 55 year old homeless man; Alcohol-related dementia; Amputation of foot due to frostbite
  5. Patricia Walker – 30 year old married woman with a newborn and a 2 year old; Post-partum depression and stress; Financial issues
  6. Peter Herman – 67 year old man with MS living in a LTC facility; Ethical dilemma arises when he is found having sexual intercourse with another resident
  7. Rebecca Robinson – 27 year old single mother, Emotional and financial issues; two sons have behavioral problems & dietary issues
  8. Tracy MacDonald – 30 year old divorced mother of 3 children; depression, anxiety; son has ADHD, daughter has PTSD
  9. Virginia Snow – 45 year old single mother; Chronic pain, depression, alcohol abuse
  10. Cindy – 15 year old girl with depression, thoughts of suicide and auditory hallucinations; Admitted to an acute Mental Health in-patient team
  11. Forrest Family – Mr. Forrest has hypertension, diabetes, recent stroke with resulting right hemiplegia and aphasia. Mrs. Forrest – frail, mild dementia, dependent on Mr. Forrest.
  12. Martha Schmidt– 60 year old married, previously employed and active woman who recently had a stroke causing mild right side weakness, visual-perceptual, language, and cognitive impairments; Patient and family are struggling with the changes in her health and independence at home
  13. Jacob Gartner – 88 year old married man who just had a major right CVA causing dense left hemiplegia, aphasia; Issues of family adjustment to this event, substitute decision-making, code status
  14. Jeff – 34 year old married man with ALS; dealing with the death of a client
  15. Sylvie LeBlanc – 76 year old woman living alone in a two story house; attends seniors day program; Cognitive decline, anxiety/depression, asthma, hearing loss, history of falls
  16. Harold Stanley –  81 year old man living along after wife’s recent stroke; Increased alcohol use, depression, difficulty coping with wife’s situation
  17. Sharon Carson – 18 year old woman with poorly controlled Type 1 diabetes
  18. Mary Avaalaaquiaq – 81 year old Inuit woman from Baffin Island, currently receiving care for advanced lung and laryngeal cancer at a Montreal cancer treatment centre; Remote aboriginal health
  19. Ida Vanderheyden – 75 year old widow, recent move from family farm to townhouse; OA in hips and knees, cataracts, tinnitus, 2 recent falls and subsequent fear of falling
  20. Ruth Simmons – 65 year old widow, lives alone in a 2-story house; Admitted to hospital with left CVA resulting in right hemiparesis and aphasia
  21. White Family – Elderly couple, retired farmers living in their own semi-rural home. Mr. White has Parkinson’s disease, severe rheumatoid arthritis and failing health on multiple levels; was admitted to the local hospital for respite care. Mrs. White has congestive heart failure and care giver burnout
  22. Michelle Goodfellow – 34 year old single aboriginal mother, pregnant at 26 weeks gestation; Overwhelmed with the combative behavior of one of her sons; History of gestational Diabetes, arrives at clinic for first prenatal appt.

Last updated: 6/2/2021