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Physical Therapy Students Gain Hands-on Experience Over the Summer

Georgia Southern University Doctor of Physical Therapy students had an extremely busy, but rewarding, summer experience during their pediatrics semester. In addition to a rigorous summer class schedule, the 3rd-year students were involved in engaging with children, both on-campus and off.

Activities included: hands-on learning about children with chronic diagnoses; providing age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate physical activities to children at Communication Camp; and engaging in a community-based aquatics program for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. The aquatics program experience was made possible by Harper Aquatics, and Communication Camp participation was in conjunction with the speech and language pathology students at the RiteCare Center on the Armstrong Campus.

In addition to this, the Southeast area representatives from Numotion, a provider of durable medical equipment, and Convaid, a global provider of seating and mobility equipment, joined the students on campus to provide the largest demonstration of pediatric equipment that the Armstrong Campus has been a part of, to date.


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