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DPT students participate in the ACFT

This past October, seven Doctor of Physical Therapy students had the opportunity to participate in the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) at one of the units at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia. The ACFT is an assessment that evaluates an individual’s physical and mental abilities.

Physical therapy student Melissa Fober recalled the experience.

“We began by participating in a full body warm-up. Following the warm-up, we proceeded to the first event which was the three-rep max hex-bar deadlift. The subsequent events were as follows: two minutes of hand release pushups, 10-pound medicine ball overhead throw for maximum distance, plank for maximum time, the sprint-drag-carry event, and lastly the two-mile run.”

Students had the opportunity to train for the six events and by participating, gained a better appreciation of the requirements of a soldier.

“Being given this opportunity to participate was special, memorable, and beneficial. Not only did it broaden my perspective of what is expected of tactical athletes on a regular basis, it gave me a newfound respect for all that service members do. Additionally, the event prepared me for what to expect when interacting with service members as physical therapy patients in the future.”

Fober described the camaraderie built between her peers as they completed each event.

“We cheered each other on, encouraged and supported each other, and high fived with smiles on our faces afterwards. It was an experience I will not forget.”

Fober intends on graduating in May 2024, and after sitting for her licensure exam, plans to work in an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Savannah or surrounding area.

“As students, we gain valuable educational experience by interacting with the community, and I appreciate the opportunity to build a networking relationship with the soldiers at Fort Stewart.”


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