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Get Involved with CRIL

There are many ways for you to get involved with CRIL!

Volunteer Hours

Volunteering is great for anyone majoring in child and family development, recreation therapy, exercise science, special education and public health, but volunteering is not limited to these majors! We welcome people of all backgrounds to join us.

Course Credit*

Georgia Southern University offers elective classes during the spring and summer (A-term) semesters. These courses are beneficial to students in the child and family development, recreation therapy, and exercise science program majors.

*Talk with your advisor about course credit and internship opportunities to ensure that these options fit your degree plan.


KINS 3531: Adapted Physical Activity (Super Eagles)

6 credit hours

This course will provide students with the opportunity to lean how to adapt physical activity and exercise for individuals with disabilities and prepare students to sit for the ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer (CIFT) exam. This course is integrated with the Super Eagles program, an afterschool program where students will get unique and valuable hands-on experience designing and implementing exercise programs for the participants.

KINS 4533: Health and PA for Exceptional Youth (Camp RAD)

3 credit hours

This course includes working to plan and implement activities at Camp RAD, a local camp for youth with disabilities. This course counts toward shadowing hours for occupational therapy.


We offer internships for those with backgrounds in public health, exercise science, psychology, child and family development, nutrition, dietetics and more!

*Talk with your advisor about course credit and internship opportunities to ensure that these options fit your degree plan.

Student Staff

We have positions available to work with both Super Eagles and Camp RAD. For information on opportunities, contact

Super Eagles

This position is for students interested in training participants in our Super Eagles program and assisting with program development. 

Camp RAD

This position is for those who have volunteered with Camp RAD in the past. Responsibilities include planning and leading activities, daily camp preparation, and more!

Shadowing Hours

Occupational therapy shadowing hours may be available to those interested.


Your tax-deductible donations help cover the cost of tuition for campers who do not qualify for tuition assistance.

Last updated: 4/1/2022