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Colquitt presents in Atlanta

Gavin Colquitt, Ed.D., professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology, recently attended and presented at the Early Cerebral Palsy Health Summit in Atlanta, GA. Colquitt presented his work “The ABCs of Community CP Camps” at one of the workshops held during the two-day event.

Camp RAD Featured in the Statesboro Herald

photo by By SCOTT BRYANT/Statesboro Herald staff

Camp RAD brings smiles, life skills to local residents“-Statesboro Herald

World Tai Chi Day

As part of World Tai Chi Day, a Tai Chi demonstration was held at the Bulloch County Courthouse square. The demonstration was led by Li Li, Ph.D., professor at Georgia Southern University.

The purpose of World Tai Chi Day is to educate those interested or actively involved in Tai Chi about the benefits of Tai Chi. When studied correctly and practiced regularly, Tai Chi can bring many health benefits. The activity can decrease stress, anxiety and depression, boost mood, increase aerobic capacity, enhance energy and stamina, improve flexibility, balance and agility, and strengthen muscles.

Through the Center for Rehabilitation and Independent Living, Li offers a Tai Chi Outreach Program which focuses on reducing the risk of falls through the practice of a simplified 24-style Tai Chi. With minimal stress being put on muscles and joints, the program is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels especially older adults who otherwise may not exercise.

For more information on the Georgia Southern’s Tai Chi Outreach Program, visit

Camp RAD Featured in NAFAPA Newsletter

This past November, Camp RAD was featured in the November edition of the North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (NAFAPA) Newsletter. Read full story.

Camp RAD