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Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences

The Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences at Georgia Southern University offers bachelor and degree completion programs in the high tech fields of medical laboratory science, radiologic sciences and respiratory therapy. All programs offer options for completing the coursework either fully or substantially online based on specified qualifications.


Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Qualified applicants that met the initial March 1 deadline will be granted priority over applications received after the initial deadline. Visit the links below to access the desired program to identify the extended deadline date. Certain programs may continue to review applications after the deadline until the program’s capacity is met.

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Non-Competitive Continuous Admissions to the Radiologic Sciences Bridge Program

Radiologic Sciences offers a degree completion program for radiographers, radiation therapists, sonography, and nuclear medicine technologists. If you are certified by the following credentialing agencies: ARRT (R, T, N, CI), NMTCB (CNMT), CCI (RCIS) or ARDMS (RDMS), then you may qualify to complete a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree. We offer a wide variety of mechanisms for technologists, therapists, and sonographers to advance professionally.

Mission Statement

The Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences, as part of the Waters College of Health Professions at Georgia Southern University, exists to educate students, and to provide our culturally diverse communities with competent, team-oriented and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Vision Statement

In 2020, the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences is a fully integrated department modeling interdisciplinary interaction based on real world applications found in healthcare settings.

Core Values

Core Value 1

The Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences faculty is dedicated to providing excellence in health professions education through an interdisciplinary approach.

Core Value 2

The Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences faculty participates in a team-oriented approach to learning and instruction for the advancement of integrated healthcare education.

Core Value 3

The Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences faculty provides a student-learning environment committed to fostering culturally sensitive and compassionate professional community service.

Inclusive Excellence Statement

The administrators, faculty and staff of the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences at Georgia Southern University are committed to fostering an environment that supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and access for the students within the department that we serve, teach and prepare for careers within the healthcare environment.

We believe that education is strengthened and improved by learning from people from diverse backgrounds and experiences of the world in all forms and intersections, including age, culture, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, nationality, religious and spiritual belief, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, and socioeconomic status.

As a department, we aim to foster a community that recognizes diversity to be a self-conscious set of practices that value difference and makes every individual feel welcomed, supported, and safe: a community in which each person is asked to freely express and openly listen to each piece of wisdom and personal truth that the other brings to our continuing dialogue. We believe that maintaining respect and pursuing the hard work of understanding difference creates strength and possibility. We also believe that we must all work to ensure that each of our students lives with dignity within our classrooms, clinical settings, and our community at large.