Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences
Waters College of Health Professions

Douglas Masini


Department Head
Phone: 912-344-2891


East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee
Pre-doctoral Fellowship with Dr. Gunapala Edirisooriya
2001 Doctor of Education (EdD)
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA)Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tennessee
1997 Master of Arts (MAEd) Adult Education

Regents College, Albany, New York
1990 Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Liberal Arts – Allied Health Teaching / Psychology Owen Brown School of Echocardiography, Deerfield Beach, Florida
1986 Certificate in Echocardiography (M-mode, 2D, Color flow Doppler)

University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
1983 Associate of Applied Science (AASc)
Respiratory Care


Ramsey, J., Bridges, T., & Masini, D.E. (2013) Georgia Asthma Coalition ACCP community grant.
Masini, D.E. (2013) The night eating disorder: A familial link?
Krishnaswamy, G., DeGroot, N., & Masini, D.E. (2013). pNO in asthma (in process).

Funded/IRB approved:

Whilhelm, C., Miller, M., Moore, M., Morin, M. and Rothbart, D. Post-stroke Respiratory Function. Faculty advisors: Keri Mans, Kathleen Schaefer and Douglas Masini. IRB #1369

Brooks, D., & Masini, D. (2016). HRSA-16-069 SDS-137317. Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students, $2.4 million for scholarship-eligible Armstrong State University MLS students.

Behringer, D., Warnock, S., & Masini, D.E. (2012). Implement community asthma education. (IRB# 1028).

Mohon, R.T., Masini, D.E., Samples, D.A., Keene, K.S., & Byington, R. (2008). Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in children in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. (IRB# 07-156s).

Sigmon, J., Loyd, J., Krishnaswamy, G., Masini, D.E., Pardue, B., & Stiles, R. (2007). Asthma knowledge in medical professionals and students (IRB#  06-129e).

May, A.S., Elolia, R, Masini, D.E., Byington, R. (2006). Asthma intervention pilot project in school children, Sullivan County, TN (Completed first phase, June 2008).

Asthma Intervention and Management (2006). AIM program protocol. Study concluded February 1, 2006 with MedMatRx (2005) titled Job site asthma education.
(ERC ID: 70-1015-001).

Mohon, R. (2003). National Airway Clearance Registry (NACR). A study on outcomes related to high-frequency chest wall oscillation using the Vest®.  IRB ID: 03-206s.

Pappas, G. & Mohon, R. (2005). Bioavailability of Aqua-E® in malabsorbing patients. A study of Vitamin E supplements in cystic fibrosis patients. IRB ID: 04-199. Abstract:

National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) and Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP). Regional coordinator for 2008 NBRC / AMP Validation Examinations of CRT,  RRT-W, RRT-CSE.


Armstrong: Andrews, Amelia. Poliomyelitis; post polio syndrome in SE Georgia. ARCF Scholar 2014.

DeGroot, N.P. Pulmonary effects of dioxin exposure from burn pits in the war on terror. GSRC Student Seminar 2013, Student Research accepted poster; submitted to AARC Open Forum, 2013.

Byrd, A. Chemical composition of meconium. GSRC Student Seminar, 2013.

Dell, K. Difficult intubations due to facial trauma in young males. GSRC Student Seminar, 2013.

Walden University: Harbin, D. PhD in Psychology, ‘Resilience in geriatrics.’ 2011-present.

SCAD: Hafke, K. MFA, Masters thesis ‘The relationship between chromotherapy and color theory in the healthcare environment: a study of the psychological and physiological effects on
human quality of life.’ Committee member, graduated Spring, 2011, MFA.


Masini, D.E. Albuterol sulfate causes Type A and B lactic acidosis. The Chest Physician, inPress; September 6, 2017.

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Keene, S., Mohon, R., Samples, D., Masini, D, & Byington, R. BMI percentile a potential tool for predicting pediatric obstructive sleep apnea. Journal Canadien de Thérapie Respiratoire: 46; 2, 33-37.

Masini, D.E. Creating an owners manual for asthma. Focus Journal; May/Jun 2010;

Books and Book chapters:

Masini, D.E. The Promise of an Accidental Pedagogy. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8383-4746-2.

Tietsort, J., McPeck, M., & Masini, D.E. Respiratory care protocols. Erie, CO: Respiratory Management Consultants. ISBN: 978-0-615-37171-7.

Masini, D.E. ‘Ethics of Health Care Delivery’, (book chapter) in Hess, D.R., MacIntyre, N.R.,

Mishoe, S.C., Galvin, W.F., Adams, A.B., Respiratory care: Principles and practice. Sudbury,

MA:   Jones and Bartlett Learning. ISBN:-13:978-0-7637-6003-8


2009-2019 Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Mercer College of Medicine.

2006-2019 Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, James Quillen College of Medicine.

2010-2019 AE-C/CEO, Georgia Asthma Coalition, Albany, Georgia

2006-2019 Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) accreditation site visitor.

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