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Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences
Waters College of Health Professions

Radiologic Sciences: Sonography

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Sonography allows organs, tissues and vessels to be imaged with high-frequency sound waves. The technologist uses equipment that emits sound waves into the body. These waves bounce off tissues and send back “echoes” that are converted into images. Sonography is used to image organs, blood vessels and fetuses.

Students are required to complete clinical education courses at two or more distant clinical education centers. Students are responsible for travel and lodging expenses associated with attending these centers.

Number of Clinical sites: 20 including distant sites in various states (variable depending on the number of available sites).

Number of Students accepted: 20 (variable depending on the number of available sites)


Program Coordinator: Mrs. Myka Bussey-Campbell

Clinical Coordinator: Ms. Yvonne Dillon

Part-time Lecturer: Ms. Robbi King

Medical Advisor: Dr. Barbara Head

Last updated: 3/20/2019

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