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Waters College of Health Professions Common Read: Voices for Diversity and Social Justice

Proposed Calendar: Spring 2022

Dates Session A-Common Read Book Chapter (This is when you read the book on your own) This is just a suggestion for pacing Dates Session B-Common Read Discussion Groups (Book contains questions at the end of the sections to support/promote discussion)
Jan. 10-14 Forward, Introduction, Part1: Speaking Through Silence, p. 3-14 Feb. 28-March 4 Sign-up for virtual or face-to-face discussion groups, days and time forthcoming
Jan. 17-21 Part II: Experiencing Poverty, p. 19-34 Week of March 7 Discussion Part 1 and II, p. 15 and 35 starter questions
Jan. 24-28 Part III: Unleashing Youth’s Voices,
p. 39-56
Week of March 14 Discussions groups do not meet-Spring Break
Jan. 31-Feb. 4 Part IV: Being the Target,
p. 61-88
Week of March 21 Discussion Part III, p. 57 Starter Questions
Feb. 7-11 Part V: Claiming Our Space and Identities,
p. 93-128
Week of March 28 Discussion Part IV, p. 89 Starter Questions
Feb. 14-18 Part VI: Celebrating the Power of Teachers
p. 133-154
Week of April 4 Discussion Part V, p. 129 Starter Questions
Feb. 21-25 Part VII: Reaching Across Difference and Celebrating Diversity’s Richness,
p. 159-184
Week of April 11 Discussion Part VI, p. 155 Starter Questions
Feb. 28-March 4 Part VIII: Subversive Teaching and Learning
Pgs. 189-200
Week of April 18 Discussion Part VII, p. 185 Starter Questions
Week of April 25 Discussion Part VIII, p. 201 Starter Questions

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