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Sport Management Students Raise Money for Local Non-profit

Glen Wintrup, Ph.D., assistant professor of sport management in the School of Health and Kinesiology, partnered with the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement’s Assistant Director for Service-Learning, Wendy Denton, to provide students with a practical learning approach by organizing a fundraising event for a local Youth-at-Risk charity program. Utilizing the material taught in Wintrup’s class lectures, one hundred students in the Introduction to Sport Management course, many of whom are freshmen, held water pong, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and baseball events throughout March and April to raise money and collect items for the CrossFit Boro Prepared for Anything – Youth Edition program.

“I, and many others, were surprised by the amount of enthusiasm and energy the students put into organizing these fundraising events and stunned that they raised more than just a few hundred dollars,” said Wintrup.

For the project, fourth-year students from other sport management courses volunteered to advise Wintrup’s students on areas from identifying an event to risk management issues and securing sponsors.

“They worked hard and learned a great deal through practical experience about group work, event planning, sponsorship and marketing. In addition to having professional volunteer experience to put on their resume, some students in the course have already been able to secure job shadowing, internship and employment opportunities through their involvement in the course,” Wintrup continued. Read Entire Story.



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