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Students Present Research at Harvard University

Four students in the School of Health and Kinesiology, with support from professors Daniel Czech, Ph.D., and Li Li, Ph.D., in the College of Health and Human Sciences, will attend and present research at Harvard University’s National Undergraduate Research Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from Jan. 19 to 21.

The following students will present their research:

  • Eva Blais: “Effect of Static Stretching on Proprioception and Muscle Power Production”
  • Chelsea Rodriguez: “An Examination of Goal Orientation and Motivational Climates between Race and School Classification of Millennial Students”
  • Lacey Dennis: “Effects of Static Stretching on Pennation Angle and Muscle Power Production in the Gastrocnemius Muscle”
  • Kolyse Wagstaff: “Reliability of Pennation Angle Measurements at Various Degrees of Plantar Flexion”

In addition to attending the conference, the group was given the opportunity to visit the Spaulding National Running Center, a unit of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, where Dr. Li presented his research, “Running Shoes and Horizontal Variability.”

The students applied to the Conference through Harvard University and were sent through a very competitive process. The University Honor’s program is supporting each student financially by helping fund not only travel costs, but assisting in research costs as well.

“This experience is going to be tremendous for our exercise science honor’s students,” said Czech. “It was a competitive proposal process, as acceptance rates were low, and I am so proud of them for all of their hard work and great attitudes. All of our students are deserving of this experience. It is one like no other.”

At the conference, along with presenting their research, the students will have the opportunity to take tours of Harvard and MIT, attend a variety of panels and workshops, and take cultural trips to the North End and Faneuil Hall.

“From informative panels and symposiums, to transcultural learning experiences, to touring the Harvard and MIT campuses, to having their resumes sent to sponsoring organizations and companies for future employment, this opportunity is first rate,” added Czech.


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