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School of Health and Kinesiology professor serves as guest editor for ‘Quest’

Charles “Hal” Wilson Jr., Ph.D., assistant professor of coaching education in the School of Health and Kinesiology, served as guest editor for a virtual special issue of “Quest” featuring stories on coaching. “Quest,” the leading journal for interdisciplinary scholarship for kinesiology professionals in higher education, publishes research that addresses issues and concerns relevant to the field of kinesiology four times a year.

“It was an honor to serve as a guest editor,” stated Wilson. Wilson was asked to be a guest editor by Doug Hochstetler, Ph.D., editor of “Quest.”

The appointment as guest editor was made based on his “theoretical and practical knowledge of the coaching field, his scholarly work, which is focused on coaching and coaching education, his teaching in the area of coaching education, and his extensive experience in coaching,” stated Hochstetler. “Wilson has served as a guest reviewer for ‘Quest’ in the past and is an active member of our professional organization, National Association of Kinesiology in Higher Education.”


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