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Students provide Healthy and Diabetes Friendly Food Demonstrations

Students in the School of Health and Kinesiology’s Meal Management course spent time at a local food bank participating in a free food demonstration for the community.

Under the supervision of Rebecca Larson, RD, clinical instructor of nutrition and food sciences, students worked in teams to develop a menu to include an appetizer, side dish, entrée and dessert. Student-led demonstrations provided participants with heart healthy and diabetes friendly food choices. The Cinco de Mayo themed recipes had to incorporate items from both the Food Bank and Statesboro Farmers Market.

Students who participated in the event included the following:

  • Aaron Durden
  • Isabelle Foster
  • Savannah Bell
  • Cameron Rabdau
  • Flora Ramsey
  • Ian Affeldt
  • Madison Heydinger
  • Lori Crosby
  • Kaci Day

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