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MHA Students Compete in Case Competition

This past October, three Master of Health Administration (MHA) students, Ashley Jacob, Julius Rodillas and Jordan Richardson were selected by MHA faculty to represent Georgia Southern University at the 2018 Everett V. Fox Student Case Competition (“Case Competition”) held in Orlando, Florida.

The annual event, sponsored by the National Association of Health Services Executives, is dedicated to providing graduate-level students with an education experience to enhance their problem analysis and presentation skills. Prior to the event, teams that consist of one to three students are provided with a case study in which they must apply their skills to analyze diverse and real situations facing healthcare organizations.

Based off specific facts and raw data related to the case, student teams are expected to work together to reach decisions as outlined in the case assignment. During the event, student teams present their case findings and recommendations before panels of judges.

Jacob, Rodillas and Richardson completed a comprehensive case study analysis involving the development of a strategic plan for Tier I accountable care organization (ACO). Jacob recalled using tools she had learned in strategy, quality and in finance courses to assist in putting together a strategic plan. Richardson recalled spending many hours researching the Affordable Care Act and affordable care organizations and how they operate.

Both Jacob and Richardson noted their favorite part of the event was the opportunity to network.

“I had the opportunity to meet other students with the same passion for improving healthcare, and it was amazing getting to bounce ideas back and forth on different ways in which we can achieve these improvements. I also enjoyed networking with current healthcare executives who were more than eager to share their experiences and tips for success with everyone they came into contact with,” stated Richardson.

“The conference had numerous educational sessions and provided opportunities to network with administrators from all over the nation. I was able to meet representatives from various organizations in efforts of securing a job after graduation,” stated Jacob.

Pictured Left to Right: Ashley Jacob, Julius Rodillas and Jordan Richardson


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