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Kinesiology Faculty Named International Scholar

Georgia Southern University Associate Professor Jody Langdon, Ph.D., has been invited by the Center for Self-Determination Theory to be an International Scholar due to her contributions to research and applied work in the field of motivation and human development. Individuals were selected as scholars based on their rigorous, evidence-based research using the Self-Determination Theory’s framework and their tremendous, broad-ranging impact in the scientific, public and social domains.

“I am excited to be recognized for the work that I’ve done using the Self-Determination Theory,” stated Langdon. “Having the opportunity to be listed on the Center of Self-Determination Theory website will help share the work I’ve done in addition to providing me with the opportunity to have others seek me out for collaboration and mentorship.”

Langdon, who has been a faculty member in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology for 10 years, will be joining over 100 leading international scholars and experts in academia and practice who have provided the highest-quality research and applied work in the field.


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