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Faculty and Students Conduct Fitness Assessments on Local Firefighters

This past October, Georgia Southern University faculty Bridget Melton Ed.D., Bill Mase, DrPH, Greg Ryan, Ph.D., Amy Jo Riggs, Ph.D., and Justine Coleman, M.S. were awarded a faculty service grant in the amount of $3000 to be used to complete a 12-week fitness incentive program for first responders.

Partnering with the Statesboro Fire Department, members from Georgia Southern have implemented the incentive program, 10% Healthier, Small Changes to Make A Big Difference, which is being led by graduate students studying exercise science as well as public health.

Firefighters were on the Statesboro Campus in November to complete their fitness assessment. The numbers collected during this assessment will be used as each firefighter’s baseline data.

“Having students involved in the assessments will allow them the opportunity to use the skills they’re learning in the classroom in the field,” stated Melton. “In April, the firefighters will be back on campus for a follow-up assessment and students will have the opportunity to conduct the post-testing to see how the intervention has worked.”

Fitness assessments are currently being conducted on the firefighters once a year on the campus of Georgia Southern to keep track of their health and wellness.


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