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Georgia Southern University was well-represented at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting this past June in San Diego, California. Both graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology, as well as faculty members, presented 20 presentations, one tutorial and one symposium. The following presentations took place:

  • “Standing Balance Measures in Collegiate Cheerleaders Between New and Old Cheer Specific Footwear” by Diego Castro-Diaz, Abigail Johnson, Jessica Mutchler, Jay Garner, Li Li, Barry Munkasy and Sam Wilson.
  • “Balance Measures Between Old and New Cheerleading Footwear in Flyer Specific Cheer Positions” by Petra Kis, Abigail Johnson, Jessica Mutchler, Jay Garner, Li Li, Barry Munkasy and Sam Wilson.
  • “Cheerleader Positional Differences in Balance Performance While Wearing New and Old Cheer Shoes” by Jessica Mutchler, Abigail Johnson, Jay Garner, Li Li, Barry Munkasy and Sam Wilson.
  • “Ankle Kinematics in New and Old Footwear During an Inversion Ankle Sprain Perturbation” by Sam Wilson, Abigail Johnson, Jessica Mutchler, Jay Garner, Jeffrey Simpson, Li Li and Barry Munkasy.
  • “The Effects Of Warm-up on The Performance of E-sport Players” by Xiaohui Duan, Qipeng Song, Li Li, Hao Sun and Ziyin Liu.
  • “Kinematical Differences Between Treadmill and Overground Race Walking” by Xinrui Zhang, Qipeng Song, Cui Zhang and Li Li.
  • “Effects Tai Chi on Ankle Strength and Postural Stability Among Older Adults With Sensory Loss” by Peixin Shen, Qipeng Song, Li Li and Dewei Mao.
  • “Treadmill Running Speed Does Not Affect Lower Extremity Variability in Healthy Male Adult” by Kai Wang, Li Li, Wenhui Mao, Jian Ding and Yilin Xu.
  • “Comparison of Inter-joint Coordination Between Overground and Treadmill Walking” by Jian Ding, Li Li, Wenhui Mao, Kai Wang and Yilin Xu.
  • “Differences in Dynamic Stability, Function Mobility, and Sensations Between Older Adults Over and Under 75” by Qi Wang, Qipeng Song and Li Li.
  • “Within-day Reliability of Electromyography Normalization with Standard Isometric Contraction in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis” by Yaya Pang, Qipeng Song and Li Li.
  • “Tai Chi Improves Postural Coordination During Precision Fitting Task Among Elderlies” by Hui Tang, Jiahao Pan and Li Li.
  • “Effects Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on Obstacles Crossing Strategies Among Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis” by Bo Gao, Qipeng Song and Li Li.
  • “Tai Chi Practitioners have Superior Visuospatial Ability and Postural Stability During Goal-directed Movements” by Zhufeng Shao, Qipeng Song and Li Li.
  • “Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Concentrations and Glut4 Concentrations 72 H Following Eccentric Exercise” by Scott C. Swanson, Gregory S. Wimer, Brian L. Bettendorf and W. Michael Sherman.
  • “Arterial Stiffness Responses to a Short-Duration High-Intensity Simulated Fire Attack in Male Career Firefighters” by Gregory J. Grosicki, Tom Nagel, Wesley T. Blumenburg, Brett L. Cross and Bridget Melton.
  • “Heart Rate Variability and Aerobic Fitness are Independently Associated With Aortic Stiffness in Young Adults” by Andrew A. Flatt, Joseph D. Vondrasek, Nathan K. McMillan, Meral N. Culver, Brett L. Cross and Gregory J. Grosicki.
  • “A Career of Collegiate Contact Sports Does Not Impair Dual Task Gait Performance” by Thomas A. Buckley, Kelsey N. Bryk, Barry A. Munkasy and Jessie R. Oldham.
  • “Physical Fitness, but Not Physical Activity, is Associated with Mental Health in Healthy Young Adults” by Wesley T. Blumenburg, Josiah Frederick, Brett L. Cross, Meral N. Culver, Alaxander H.K. Montoye, Andrew A. Flatt and Gregory J. Grosicki.
  • “Accuracy And Effectiveness of a Free Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Application” by Joseph D. Vondrasek, Brett L. Cross, Alexander H.K. Montoye, Gregory J. Grosicki and Andrew A. Flatt.

The following tutorial was presented:

  • “Tai Chi for Fall Prevention – Application and Critical Factors for Success” by Li Li.

The following symposium was presented:

  • “Are You Engaged? Injury Management Strategies with Low Socioeconomic Status Stakeholders” by Melissa Kay Kossman, Tamerah Hunt and Valerie Cothran.

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