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Sports medicine student receives research grant

Joseph Vondrasek, CSCS, graduate student in the Master of Science in Sports Medicine program at Georgia Southern University, has been named the recipient of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Graduate Research Grant for 2022. Vondrasek was selected by the NSCA Foundation Grant Committee after a thorough evaluation process.

Vondrasek’s research will examine arterial stiffness and how it is associated with long-term increases in cardiovascular mortality.

“We are going to be investigating the arterial stiffness response to resistance training in resistance trainers who have more than two years of experience when a short bout of approximately 10 minutes of full-body cycling is added,” explained Vondrasek. “Next day recovery markers will be compared with and without the added cycling to determine whether there is a decrease in recovery. We are hoping this will help us demonstrate to lifters that adding the short bout of aerobic exercise will not decrease their recovery but instead improve long-term cardiovascular disease risk.”

The $7,500 grant will assist Vondrasek in buying research supplies and equipment for blood specimen analysis, as well as in paying a monetary incentive to those who participate in the research.


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