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Christina Gipson

Associate Professor of Sport Management
Ph.D., Brunel University 
Office: Statesboro Campus-Hollis Building – Room 1124B
Phone: 912-478-1101
Fax: 912-478-0381
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Gipson’s primary line of research focuses on ways in which CrossFit impacts girls and women. Using social comparison theory, she has examined body image and clothing attire of women in CrossFit. Additionally, Gipson looked at the outcomes of offering CrossFit to underserved youth through interventions with local after school programs and within alternative schools. In working with colleagues, Gipson examined risks related to hosting small CrossFit competitions, finding fulfillment with work-life balance, and athlete identity.

Research Interests

  • Women in CrossFit
  • Underserved populations in after school settings
  • Event risk management
  • Growth and Globalization of emerging sports

Ongoing Projects

  • Impact and outcome of CrossFit for at-risk freshmen
  • Experiences of girls in CrossFit from a strength and hope perspective
  • Motivational changes of athlete performance when viewing social media videos

Teaching Interests

  • Social Issues in Sports
  • Management of Sport Organizations
  • Leadership and Programming in Sport Development
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Sport Development

Last updated: 7/14/2023