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Athletic Training Student Learning Outcome

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Are you looking for a career in sports? You can pursue undergraduate degree programs from Georgia Southern University’s Waters College of Health Professions that put you on the path to work in sports.

Our Athletic Training program (ATP) provides comprehensive educational and clinical foundations to prepare you for a career in sports and the allied health profession. Our ultimate goal for athletic training majors is to prepare you to sit for the Board of Certificate national exam.

Subsequently, job and career outcomes for our students can include working as an entry level certified athletic trainer or gaining entry to advanced professional programs of study. Many of our program graduates have pursued higher-level careers in sports by entering graduate school to earn advanced degrees in athletic training, sports and exercise science, physical therapy, physician assistant, public health, and education.

Georgia Southern’s undergraduate ATP focuses on developing clinical competence and independent thinking in the healthcare field, and in sports-related careers. We train highly successful athletic trainers who can realize their career goals through unlimited access to instruction, research, and state-of-the-art technology.

ATP students are able to demonstrate an understanding of athletic-related and human science concepts.

These concepts and learning outcomes include:

SLO #1 Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection

  • The student will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and understanding of the importance of injury prevention.

SLO #2 Examination, Assessment, and Diagnosis

  • The student will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and understanding in the area of diagnostic reasoning and medical decision making.

SLO #3 Immediate and Emergency Care

  • The student will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and understanding of procedures used in emergency situations, independent of setting.

SLO #4 Therapeutic Interventions

  • The student will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and understanding of techniques, procedures, practices, and methods which are designed to provide therapeutic interventions in a health care setting.

SLO #5 Organizational and Professional Health and Well Being

  • The student will demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of recording details of patient’s health status including communication and documentation.

Last updated: 6/16/2021