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The Bachelor of Health Sciences is designed to teach students and practicing health professionals the view that health is separate from illness. Students will develop expertise in the health sciences, while focusing on applied health-related areas.


The mission of the Bachelor of Health Sciences is to educate and prepare health professionals in Health Sciences, Health Service Administration, Health Informatics, and Human Performance and Fitness Management by providing real-world industry exposure and experience, evidence-based practice, and population responsiveness to undergraduate students guided by current health sciences theory and practice to ensure that both individuals and communities reach their highest levels of health and wellbeing.

The Health Sciences program is composed of five areas of concentration:

Health Science (Generalist)

The Waters College of Health Professions is comprised of multiple areas of study, each with its own academic focus, target population, and professional expectancy. The generalist concentration in health science provides students with an opportunity to explore the discipline as a means of making informed career and academic pathway decisions. It is especially appealing for those who wish to matriculate within the health professions while addressing admissions requirements of other programs such as nursing or physical therapy. Additionally, the generalist concentration is beneficial to those wishing to study general health areas – such as nutrition, fitness, health promotion and epidemiology – as a means of preparation for graduate study.

Health Services Administration

The administration and management of healthcare programs in a variety of settings, including hospitals, group practices, the private sector, the health and fitness industry, sales, gerontology and public health.

Health Informatics

The Health Informatics degree concentration prepares you for entry-level jobs in health informatics, health information management, and health information systems selection and implementation. With a strong foundation in information technology, you can launch your career as a health informatics professional, health information systems specialist, system implementation specialist, and a variety of other positions in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare services.

Human Performance/Fitness Management

Responsible for optimizing the health and performance of those involved in sporting activity at all levels. Employment settings may include hospital-based wellness centers, corporate wellness programs, nonprofit wellness programs and health and fitness centers.


Gerontology is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the biological, the psychological, the social, the economic factors and dimensions that make up the aging experiences of individuals as well as how the aging population affects the way we organize in various societies.

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