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*located on the Statesboro Campus

Recent Publications by the Athletic Faculty and Students;

*Kelly KA, Jordan EM, Joyner AB, Burdette GT, Buckley TA.  NCAA Division I Athletic Trainers Concussion Management Practice Patterns.  Journal of Athletic Training.  (Accepted May 21, 2013)
* This project was the culmination of Kassi Kelly’s masters thesis research project.

Burk J, Joyner AB, Munkasy BA, Buckley TA.  Balance Error Scoring System Performance Changes After a Competitive Athletic SeasonClinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 23(4): 312 – 317.  2013.
* This project was the culmination of John Burk’s masters thesis research project.

Buckley TA, Munkasy BA, Wikstrom EA, Tapia-Lovler TGAltered Gait Termination Strategies Following a ConcussionGait and Posture (epub March 11, 2013)

Saunders EA, Burdette GT, Metzler JN, Joyner AB, Buckley TA.  Knowledge of Coaching Education Students Regarding Sport-Related ConcussionsAthletic Training & Sports Health Care.  5(1): 11 – 19.  2013.
* This project was the culmination of Beth Saunders’s masters thesis research project.

Vallabhajosula S.  Buckley TA, Tillman M, Hass CJ.  Age and Parkinson’s Disease Related Kinematic Alterations during Multi-Directional Gait InitiationGait and Posture.  37(2): 280 – 286. 2013.

Gao J, Hu J, Buckley TA, White K, Hass CJ.  Shannon and Renyi Entropies to Classify Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Postural SwayPLuS One.  6(9).  1 – 8.  2011.

The Athletic Training faculty and students have been recently featured on NBC Nightly News, WMAZ (CBS in Macon), and WXIA (NBC in Atlanta).

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory, located in Hanner 1302, provides research and educational opportunities for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students interested in studying the biomechanics of human movement.  The laboratory includes instrumentation for the assessment of kinematics, kinetics, electromyography, postural stability, and muscle performance.  The laboratory is equipped with the following:

The laboratory also contains 2 dedicated data collection computers and an additional 3 networked computers for data reduction and analysis. A conference room, lavatory and separate office space are also available.



Current Biomechanics Research Studies Include:

  1. Assessment of Dynamic Postural Stability during Gait Initiation, Gait, and Gait Termination following a Sports-Related Concussion.
    Funding: Ongoing funding from the Georgia Southern University Faculty Development Committee
    Funding in Review: National Institute of Health (R-15) Grant revision submitted October 25, 2010.
  2. Nonlinear Dynamics Used to Classify Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
    Funding: Army Research Office; March – December 2009
    Funding: Army Research Office STIR Grant program
  3. Influence of Multiple Concussion History on Postural Control during Gait Initiation and Gait
    Graduate Students Thesis Projects: David Krazeise and Kelly Previs
  4. Effects of Stable and Unstable Training Surfaces on Dynamic Postural Stability
    Graduate Students Thesis Project: Marie Kirby
  5. Drop Jump Performance, Landing Error Scoring System (LESS ) and Underrecovery in Women’s Basketball Players
    Graduate Students Thesis Project: Marissa McGuirk
  6. A Competitive Athletic Season Alters Balance Error Scoring System Performance
    Graduate Student Thesis: John Burk
    Manuscript In Revision with the Journal of Athletic Training
  7. IMPACTS: Influence of Running and Jumping on Performance of the Balance Error Scoring System.
  8. Dynamic Postural Stability during Gait Initiation in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability: Influence of Velocity and Direction
    Completed Graduate Student Thesis: Jennifer Tolson and Elizabeth (Raycraft) Case
    Funding: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation Masters Student Grant
    Manuscripts in Preparation

Additional Research Areas:

In addition to Biomechanics, Graduate Students in Athletic Training are free to utilize the laboratories and expertise of other Faculty members in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Sport Psychology. Examples of some current

* Physiological and Psychological Adaptations over the Course of a Season
* Players, Coaches, Parents, and Officials knowledge of Sport-Related Concussions
* Effectiveness of “Heads-Up” Concussion Packet on Coaches Knowledge and Decision Making Process
* Influence of Inter-personal Characteristics in Athletic Injury Reporting

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