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Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology
Waters College of Health Professions

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The program of study focuses on student development in promoting strong scientific inquiry and understanding practical applications of theory through exposure to scientific literature and current research.  The program produces graduates with the ability to communicate clinical findings to the academic and lay communities, and to display critical thinking skills and expertise necessary to plan and conduct independent and creative research.

Completion of a committee approved thesis is required of all students for graduation.

Degree Requirements
Course Title
Year 1 – Fall Semester
KINS 6131 Data Analysis in Kinesiology
KINS 7336 Current Issues in Athletic Training (Concussion Pathophysiology and Management)
KINS 7234 Clinical Applications of Biomechanics
Year 1 – Spring Semester
KINS 6130 Research Design in Kinesiology
KINS 7537 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of the Lumbar Spine
KINS 7099 Research Writing in Kinesiology
Year 2 – Fall Semester*
KINS 7999 Thesis
KINS 7335** Medical Aspects/Gross Anatomy
KINS 7731 Clinical Practicum for Teaching Athletic Training Skills
Year 2 – Spring Semester*
KINS 7999 Thesis
KINS 7333 Advanced Rehabilitation Skills in Athletic Training/Graston Technique (3)
KINS 7732 Clinical Practicum: Evaluating Athletic Training Skills
* With permission of the Athletic Training Graduate Program Coordinator and the Course Instructor, students may have option of taking an elective course in other areas of the Master of Science in Kinesiology programs (typically Exercise Science or Sports Psychology).** The offering of this course is based upon the availability of a suitable cadaver specimen. If the course is not available, it will be replaced with KINS 7333: Advanced Evaluation Skills in Athletic Training

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