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Dietetic Internship Program of Study & Schedule

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Graduate Courses and Credit Hours

CoursesCredit Hours
Summer Semester 
NTFS 7334 Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy, Minimester 1 3
NTFS 7611 Graduate Seminar, Minimester 21
NTFS 7613 DI Orientation, Minimester 21
Fall Semester 
NTFS 7790 Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics9
Spring Semester-Off Campus 
NTFS Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics9

The program does not offer credit for prior learning to substitute for supervised practice. Previous graduate coursework maybe be accepted at the discretion of the program director. Before starting the program, students must submit a request for graduate transfer credits with the supporting accredited higher education institutional catalog description and course syllabus.

Program Schedule and Hours

Dates (2024-2025)Internship ExperienceSupervised Practice Hours
May 13, 2024–July 19, 2024Summer Semester Classes
DI Orientation
August 14, 2024-December 15, 2024 DI Practicum
Mid-Internship Evaluation
 500-600 hours
January 13, 2025-May 9, 2025DI Practicum

Final Internship Evaluation

500-600 hours

Note: The DI Program Schedule does not always follow the academic calendar.

Last updated: 8/23/2023