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Dietetic Internship Program of Study & Schedule

Program Links

Graduate Courses and Credit Hours

CoursesCredit Hours
Summer Semester-Online 
NTFS 6110 Culinary Skills, Term A1
NTFS 7335 Public Health and Community Nutrition, Long Term3
NTFS 7334 Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy, Term A3
NTFS 7336 School Nutrition Administration, Term B3
Fall Semester-On Campus 
NTFS 7339 Energy Balance for Weight Management3
NTFS 7790 Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics2
Spring Semester-Off Campus 
NTFS Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics2

Program Schedule and Hours

Weeks & Dates (2021-2022)Internship ExperienceSupervised Practice Hours
Week 1-10: May 17-July 22Summer (Term A & Term B) classes
Internship Orientation
Week 11-12: July 26 -Aug 06Summer Break 
Week 13: Aug 09- 13
(1 week)

Supervised Practice Experiences

Fall semester starts August 11-first class August 16

Week 14-27: Aug 16-Nov 19
(14 weeks)
Fall Semester classes-Mondays
Supervised Practice Experiences
Week 28: Nov 22-26Thanksgiving Break 
Weeks 29–31: Nov 29–Dec 17
(3 weeks)
Fall Semester classes-Mondays          Supervised Practice Experience Tue-Fri104
Week 32-33: Dec 20-Dec 31Winter Break 
Weeks 34-43: Jan. 3-March 11
(10 weeks)
Spring Semester-No Classes on Campus
Supervised Practice Experience-2 credit class
Mid-Internship Evaluation
Week 44: March 14-18Spring Break 
Week 45-50: March 21-April 29
(6 weeks)
Supervised Practice Experience240
Week 51: May 2-6Final Internship Evaluation 
 Total supervised practice experience hours  1232
Approximately 40 total additional hours for internship orientation and evaluations.

Note: The DI Program Schedule does not always follow the academic calendar.

Last updated: 8/12/2021