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Dietetic Internship Program of Study & Schedule

Program Links

Graduate Courses and Credit Hours

CoursesCredit Hours
Summer Semester 
NTFS 7334 Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy, Minimester 1 3
NTFS 7611 Graduate Seminar, Minimester 21
NTFS 7613 DI Orientation, Minimester 21
Fall Semester 
NTFS 7790 Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics9
Spring Semester-Off Campus 
NTFS Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics9

Program Schedule and Hours

Dates (2023-2024)Internship ExperienceSupervised Practice Hours
May 15, 2023–July 20, 2023Summer Semester Classes
DI Orientation
August 9, 2023-December 6, 2023 DI Practicum
Mid-Internship Evaluation
 500-600 hours
January 8, 2024-May 3, 2024DI Practicum

Final Internship Evaluation

500-600 hours

Note: The DI Program Schedule does not always follow the academic calendar.

Last updated: 4/11/2022