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*located on the Statesboro Campus

An intern in the Georgia Southern Dietetic Internship can expect to incur the following approximate expenses throughout the internship.  The Graduate School expenses, except for spring semester, are eligible for financial aid.

Expense Costs
Georgia Southern College of Graduate School application fee $50
Background Check $37
DICAS application fee $45
D & D Matching Service registration fee $55
$187 Total Application Costs
Program Fees & Tuition Costs
Georgia Southern Dietetic Internship program fee is replaced by proposed 2-credit hours in fall and spring
Graduate School summer tuition & fees (7 credits summer semester) $2,985($8,781 out-of-state tuition)
Graduate School fall tuition & fees (8 credits fall semester) proposed $3,262 ($9,886 out-of-state tuition)

Graduate School spring tuition & fees (2 credits fall semester) proposed

(currently not eligible for federal financial aid)

$799 ($2,455 out-of-state tuition)
Proposed total credit hours $7,046 ($21,122 out-of-state tuition) Total Program Fees & Tuition Costs
Living Expenses & Miscellaneous Costs
Textbooks $1000
Professional liability insurance $16
Health insurance $2,076
Vaccinations and TB test $164

Criminal background check & drug testing

*Practice sites may require additional background check, drug testing, eye exam and physical exam.

CPR certification $40
ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification $36
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics & community nutrition organization memberships $80
Auto insurance $2,400 ($200/month)
Auto gasoline and maintenance $4,800 ($400/month)
Housing $6,000 ($500/month)
Meals $3,600 ($6-10/day at supervised practice sites)
$20,286 Total Living Expenses & Miscellaneous Costs

Total Internship Costs

Note:  It is important to factor expenses such as the cost of housing if your hospital rotation site is located in a distant area.

$27,519 ($41,595 out-of-state)

Clinical hospital rotation sites are located in Statesboro, Savannah, Brunswick, Douglas, Tifton, Macon, Warner Robins and Valdosta.

Last updated: 7/20/2018

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