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*Beginning with the Summer 2019
admissions cohort, the MHA program
will only be offered on the Armstrong
Campus. Students that are currently
enrolled on the Statesboro Campus will
be able to complete degree requirements
on that campus.

All initial applications must be submitted through HAMPCAS, a centralized application system.


Admission Standards

Once an applicant is accepted through HAMPCAS,  the applicant must completed a Georgia Southern University Graduate Studies application for admission, submit official copies of all academic transcripts related to undergraduate coursework at the time of program application, submit official GRE or GMAT scores, prepare a formal Letter of Intent and submit an updated professional/personal resume detailing educational and work experiences for a period of not less than three (3) years from the time of application to be considered for admission into the MHA program.  The applicant must also have satisfactorily completed requirements for the baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution, and must also score a minimum of 70 out of 110 possible points according to the following formula (NOTE: scoring the minimum required DOES NOT GUARANTEE acceptance to the MHA program, only CONSIDERATION for admission):

  1. Cumulative undergraduate GPA multiplied times 10 (max 40 points); and
  2. Verbal and Quantitative GRE scores divided by 25, or Verbal and Quantitative GMAT scores divided by 12.5 (max 50 points).  For persons who have taken the revised GRE exam after August 1, 2011, scores are converted to the traditional GRE score scale for formula purposes based on the verbal and quantitative sections as follows:

Last updated: 4/12/2018

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