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Tyler Barnett (December 2015)

Current Position: Hawai’i Health Partners (Sr. Population Health Analyst)
Testimonial: My MHA degree provided a very necessary robust and multifaceted overview of the many complexities within the healthcare industry. As I sought employment with a consulting firm and a commercial accountable care organization, I quickly recognized the importance of this broad understanding. The industry really is changing at a rapid pace, it is difficult for many professionals to understand the macro-level adjustments while focusing on their day-to-day duties. My degree solidified both my ability to recognize the conflicting pressures health systems, physicians, and private practices are experiencing while also providing me with the tools necessary to look ahead to where the industry is heading, through a foggy haze of competing policy adjustments, logistical practicalities, and market demands.

Ryan Burnside (May 2014)

Current Position: Assistant Patient Access Director, Memorial University Medical Center
Testimonial: The MHSA/MHA program at Georgia Southern University prepared me for a multi-faceted healthcare landscape that is ever adapting and changing. The program does this by providing a strong foundation in the healthcare field by exposing you to the many aspects that make up the major careers in this market. One of the great things about the program is that it prepares its students with an education that can take them into many fields within the healthcare arena and does not limit your career aspirations in this profession.

Michelle K. Horne (Summer 2015)

Current Position: Director, Operations and Administration at University of Nevada Reno, School of Medicine (UNR Med)
Testimonial: My studies prepared me to understand the “big picture”. By learning the fundamental components of healthcare operations it helped me go into organizations and assess their needs, and help them bridge the gaps between vision and goals and execution.

Ashley Anderson, MHSA, CMPE (Spring 2012)

Current Position: St Josephs/Candler Medical Group
Testimonial: My experience with the MHSA program was extremely positive. Without a doubt, it allowed me to turn a corner professionally. The program’s materials were relevant as they hit heavily on current events, regularity shifts, MACRA, and real health system challenges- all of which were areas I was challenged with in the workplace following graduation (and still am). I found the healthcare law exposure very valuable, and I use that legal knowledge almost daily in decision making and it changed the way I assess certain workplace situations and opportunities. The program also facilitated internships that exposed me to senior leadership and project management- ultimately making me more comfortable with formal presentations and to executive presence. The MHSA program’s rigorous finance, statistics, and quality courses provided me transferable skills. For example, the Quality course had a tremendous impact on my ability to lead projects, impact change, monitor my project teams performance, and it truly strengthened my approaches in process improvement. I use those formal methods regularly in practice in workflow changes, clinical quality improvement projects, financial analysis, patient access efforts, etc. I’ve also been able to leverage and share those process improvement models (DMAIC, PDSA) to other on my team- managers, team leaders, providers, clerical and clinical staff, all in an effort to engage teams in impactful change efforts.

Shinal Y. Patel (December 2015)

Current Position: Triage Consulting Group, Associate Consultant
Testimonial: Coupled with my innate passion for healthcare, the MHSA/MHA program expanded the context through rigorous instruction, diligent research, and practical experience. The quality of education gained is evident through my daily application of revenue cycle management, professional development, analytics, and much more. Under the guidance of a competent and compassionate staff, my confidence level in my work increased as I matriculated throughout the program.

Trevor Castaneda (May 2011)

Current Position: President and Chief Executive Officer Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco
Testimonial: The MHA program at Georgia Southern University provided me the opportunity to establish an  extraordinarily meaningful and practical foundation of understanding as it relates to healthcare and the complexities and interdependencies that exist within the field. This very foundation is what I have built my healthcare career on and around, enabling me to continually develop as a healthcare executive and advance my career throughout the ranks of several healthcare organizations.

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