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Applied and Professional Development Opportunities

Program Links

(Not all students may be able to experience ALL opportunities)

  • Exercise and weight management behavioral consultations at Wellsprings Camps
  • Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology conference attendance
  • International sport and exercise psychology conference attendance
  • Georgia Southern University Student Mentorship/Life Skills Program
  • Individual and team consultations with collegiate athletic programs
  • High school athletic consultations
  • Supervised guest lectures in Sport & Exercise Psychology and Coaching Education undergraduate courses
  • Triennial international sport & exercise psychology consultations
  • Youth sport consultations
  • Life skills consultations with at-risk youth and collegiate student-athletes
  • Internship opportunities at sport academies and institutes
  • Exercise and wellness behavioral consultations at Georgia Southern University
    • The Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) Fitness Program at the Georgia Southern University RAC offers a variety of excellent services, including fitness assessments and personal training to students, faculty, and staff. We are very excited to announce a new collaboration between the Georgia Southern Sport and Exercise Psychology Graduate Program and CRI Fitness Programs. Exercise Behavioral Consulting will now be offered as a supplementary service for clients seeking personal training services at the RAC. This program is being offered by advanced sport and exercise psychology students trained in behavior change interventions. This service is 100% free, confidential, and available to those CRI personal training clients who are interested in including this as a part of their fitness program. The aim of the EBC program is to help individuals get the most that they can out of their fitness experience. First time exercising? Have trouble sticking to your fitness plan? Recovering from an injury? Training for an event? The Exercise Behavioral Consultants utilize theory- and research-based behavioral strategies to help design an individualized plan to support clients in reaching their fitness goals. Clients have the freedom to meet with their Exercise Behavioral Consultant as frequently as they would like, separate from their personal training sessions. Clients’ Personal Trainer and Exercise Behavioral Consultant will, with their consent, collaborate to ensure that they are receiving a comprehensive wellness service, working to strengthen both the mind and body. Those interested in enrolling in this program are encouraged to collect an EBC information packet from the RAC Member Services Desk, or ask one of the RAC Personal Training staff. Feel free to contact the EBC program coordinator, Dr. Brandonn Harris at or 912-478-7900, or the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Fitness Program Director Keagan Kiely at or 912-478-5436 with any additional questions or concerns about these services.

Last updated: 6/7/2021