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Master’s Students 2016-2018

Nicholas McMillen

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Undergrad: University of Georgia; B.S. in Psychology
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant for Yoga and Pilates and Racquetball
Research Interests: Mindfulness, mental blocks, sport confidence and motivation in high level athletes

Joann Wakefield

Hometown: Munster, IN
Undergrad: Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL; B.S. in Kinesiology & Sport Studies, Minor Psychology
Assistantship: 2016-2017 Teaching Assistant for Body Conditioning and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities
2017-2018 Teaching Assistatn for Online Body Conditioning and Online Fitness Walking
Research Interests: Interests: Athletic career termination and transition, life-skills for collegiate student-athletes, student-athlete academic and athletic motivation, superstitions, pre-performance routines

Morgan Emter

Hometown: Mason, OH
Undergrad: West Virginia University, B.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Assistantship: 2016-2017 Teaching Assistant: Jogging, Fitness Walking, Jog/Fitness Walking, Physical Activity for People with Disabilities and Swimming
2017-2018 Graduate Assistant for Dr. Gavin Colquitt
Research Interests: I am interested in studying the development of athletic identity and the transition out of sport. Resilience training from a wellness perspective also interests me.

 Wittenberg (1)
Megan Wittenberg

Hometown: Rio Rico, AZ
Undergrad: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; B.S. in Kinesiology
Assistantship: Research Assistant for Dr. Jody Langdon
Research Interests: Psychology of Injury and Recovery; Burnout and Staleness; Resilience; Group Cohesion; Building Self-Confidence in Sport

 unnamed (1)
Madeline Schorlemmer

Hometown: Argyle, TX
Undergrad: Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX; B.A. in Psychology, Minor Business
Assistantship: 2016-2017, Teaching Assistant for Tennis, 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant
Research Interests:  Team dynamics, psychology of injury and mental skills with youth

Cory Cottrell

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Undergrad: University of South Carolina Beaufort, B.A. Psychology
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant, Golf
Research Interests: Implicit theories of ability, goal orientation, cognitive characteristics of elite athletes


Master’s Students 2017-2019

Autumn Arnold

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergrad: West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX; B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sport Psychology
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant for volleyball and fitness walking/jogging
Research Interests: Psychology of injury, coach-athlete relationships, body image in sport, athletic identity and the impact of anxiety in sport

Ally Claytor

Hometown: Lilburn, GA
Undergrad: Berry College, B.S. in Psychology
Assistantship: Research Assistant for Dr. Brandonn Harris
Research Interests: Psychology of injury, athlete burnout and eating disorders

Alesondra Colbert

Hometown: Pheonix, Arizona
Undergrad: Lipscomb University
Assistantship: Teaching Assistantship
Research Interests: Mental toughness, transitioning out of athletics and leadership

Scott Malcolm

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Undergrad: Belhaven University
Assistantship: Teacher assistant
Research Interests: Impact self-talk has on performance, personality characteristics and players positions

Cheyna Mclaren

Hometown: Joshua, Texas
Undergrad: University of Texas at Arlington, B.S. Kinesiology
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant for Yoga and Pilates and Aerobics
Research Interests: Implicit theories of ability, goal orientation, cognitive characteristics of elite athletes

Jarrod Pedigo

Hometown: Savannah, GA
Undergrad: Armstrong State University; B.S. in Rehabilitation Science, minor in Neuroscience
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant for Tennis and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities
Research Interests: Positive self-talk and mental imagery, coaching related burnout in youth athletics and anxiety related decline in sport performance

Emily Philip

Hometown: Berlin, Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA; B.S. in Psychology, concentration in sport
Assistantship: 2017-2018 Teaching Assistant for Volleyball and Body Conditioning
Research Interests: Personality and how they reach to different coaching styles, mental imagery, mental blocks and interventions, and burnout prevention and interventions

Ashlyn Powell

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergrad: University of Georgia: B.S. in Psychology; Minor in Exercise and Sport Science
Assistantship: Teaching Assistant for Weight Training, Women’s Weight Training, and Jogging/Fitness Walking
Research Interests: Psychology of injury and recovery, psychological changes post-TBI in football athletes, clinical psychological disorders in athletes, and athlete burnout

Terrance Tarver

Hometown: Columbus, GA
Undergrad: Columbus State University; B.S. Psychology
Assistantship: Teaching Assistant with Physical Activities and Healthful Living
Research Interests: The psychology of elite performance, personality and motivation of sport, the psychology of injury and positive coaching

Meredith Wekesser

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Undergrad: Truman State University, Kirksville, MO: B.S. in Psychology, Minors in Statistical Methods and Communication
Assistantship: Teaching Assistant for Swimming, Jogging and Body Conditioning
Research Interests: Psychology of injury and rehabilitation, body image and eating disorders, the coach-athlete relationship and youth sport

Michelle Wirbiezcas Lozano

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Undergrad: Florida State University
Assistantship: Flag Football Graduate Assistant
Research Interests: Psychological skills training (imagery, progressive muscle relaxation) and mental toughness


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