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The graduate Sport and Exercise Psychology Program at seeks to maintain its status an elite academic program focusing on the interdisciplinary study of applied sport and exercise psychology. The program promotes ethical graduate education mentorship, scholarship, research and grant procurement, applied experience in sport and exercise psychology, and a commitment to professional and public service.

To this end, the sport and exercise psychology program at Georgia Southern University is characterized by:

  • Student preparation for future excellence through interdependent leadership, innovation, and service. Future excellence may be at the applied doctoral level or an applied position within the sport and exercise psychology discipline including life skills development, mental skills training, or health behavior change consultations.
  • Diverse faculty and staff who are internationally acclaimed, use emerging technology, are innovative with curriculum, produce grants and scholarly manuscripts, are socially and morally responsible, and have a genuine regard for the well-being and training of graduate students.
  • Community partnerships and applied sport and exercise psychology and life skills experiences to enhance performance and human well-being.
  • An environment that promotes academic distinction, high expectations, and intellectual engagement through student centered research and learning initiatives, faculty research collaboration, and technological advancement.
  • A clearly focused and valued purpose.

Last updated: 6/14/2021