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L.E. (Leigh) Rich

Office: Armstrong Campus-University Hall 154 F
Phone: 912-344-2655
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Degree and Training

  • Ph.D. Health and Behavioral Sciences, The University of Colorado
  • M.A. Medical and Cultural Anthropology, The University of Arizona
  • B.A. Cultural Anthropology, The University of Colorado
  • Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication, SOPHE, Chicago
  • Effective STD/HIV Behavioral Interventions, CDC Prevention Training Center, Denver
  • Allard Capitol Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • Fieldwork Training in Cultural Anthropology, Dorf Tirol, Italy
  • AtlasTi Training, The University of Colorado

Research Interests

  • Bioethics, biotechnology and the law
  • Health communication
  • Health, gender and the media
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • Telemedicine
  • Anthropology of the body
  • Embodiment, personhood and the ethics of treating the body as property
  • U.S. health policy and the future of American medicine
  • Political economic and feminist perspectives of health
  • Effective prevention and intervention
  • Programs for STDs and HIV/AIDS
  • History of science, medicine and the common law
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Computer-aided qualitative data analysis

Last updated: 6/11/2021