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Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Armstrong Campus

Anatomy and Physiology I is located in the Science Center Room 1306 and Anatomy and Physiology II is located in the Science Center Room 1308.

Statesboro Campus

The Human Anatomy and Physiology and the Human Gross Anatomy Laboratories are both located on the ground floor of the Herty Building in rooms 0100 and 0102. The Human Gross Anatomy Laboratory is equipped with five state-of-the-art examination tables along with a refrigeration unit for longterm cadaver storage. Special ventilation, room temperature control, and lighting make it possible for students to concentrate on studying human anatomy and anatomical variation without unnecessary distraction. When all tables are occupied, the lab is capable of accommodating six students per cadaver. The Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory houses models of all major organs and organ systems, human arm, leg, head, major joints, and five fully articulated high-quality human skeleton reproductions. In addition, the lab contains a collection of real human bones from five complete individuals and six real human skulls available for study. Also available are four computers connected to the Internet which are capable of running tutorial programs such as Anatomy and Physiology Revealed.

Last updated: 1/10/2023