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Georgia Southern University’s concussion lab’s primary line of research is related to identifying and understanding the lingering deficits which appear to persist well past recovery on standard clinical testing. Specifically, despite apparent recovery on the typical balance, cognitive, and neuropsychological test batteries, the postural control tests conducted at Georgia Southern’s biomechanics laboratory suggest that balance deficits are still present. Furthermore, this facility’s expanded research agenda includes quantitative eye tracking and the monitoring of repetitive head impacts. With the inclusion of new technologies such as the Applied Science Laboratory head mounted and mobile eye tracking system as well as the Helmet Impact Telemetry System, the research lab is attempting to answer a myriad of research questions regarding longitudinal recovery post-injury.

Funding Sources

  • National Institute of Health/Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • United States Army Research Office: Life Sciences Division
  • National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation


Additional Concussion Related Studies

The athletic training graduate students conduct concussion related research studies as part of the Master of Science in Kinesiology program. The students’ projects cover a diverse array of topic areas including:

  • Determinants of the Balance Error Scoring System – John Burk, M.S., ATC (Class of 2010);
  • Environmental Influences on the BESS – Carrie Rahn, M.S., ATC (Class of 2011);
  • Coaches Knowledge of Concussion – Beth Saunders, M.S., ATC (Class of 2010);
  • Educational Interventions to Improve Concussion Knowledge – Brie Simons Thesis;
  • Concussion Reporting at the End of the Career – Tracy Llewellyn, M.S., ATC (Class of 2013);
  • AT’s Concussion Management Practice Patterns – Kassi Kelly, M.S., ATC (Class of 2011);
  • Student-Athletes Lived Experience of a Concussion – Matt Moreau, M.S., ATC (Class of 2013);
  • Concussion Knowledge & Attitude in British Soccer – Josh Williams, M.S., ATC (Class of 2013);
  • Exercise and Concussion Recovery – Lauryn Hunter, M.S., ATC (Class of 2013);
  • Current Concussion Education Practices in NCAA Member Institutions – Sam Johnson, ATC (Class of 2016);
  • Assessment of Anti-Saccadic Eye Movements Post-Concussion – Nathan D’Amico, ATC (Class of 2016);
  • Repetitive Head Impacts the Influence on the Postural Control System – Katelyn Grimes, ATC (Class of 2017);
  • Gait Assessment during Dual-Task Walking Post-Concussion – Klarie Ake (Class of 2017);
  • Athlete and Non-Athlete Postural Performance – Megan Mormile, ATC (Class of 2017)


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