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Human Performance Labs

The Human Performance Laboratory and Body Composition Laboratory are teaching and research facilities within the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology in the Waters College of Health Professions on the Statesboro Campus. Our mission is to provide undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty members, with learning and research opportunities within the field of exercise physiology. Students using the Human Performance and Body Composition Labs are working towards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology or a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science.

The research focus within exercise physiology consists of baseline and follow-up performance and body composition testing for collegiate, professional, and tactical athletes. The Human Performance lab investigates the acute and chronic neuromuscular and cardiovascular responses to various modes of exercise, including virtual reality scenarios.

The Human Performance Laboratory is divided into 3 separate units. Hanner 2223 is the main laboratory teaching site containing equipment for training in blood pressure measurement, bicycle and treadmill exercise testing, strength assessment, and health/fitness evaluation. This equipment includes:

  • TriFIT 600 system
  • Monark bicycle ergometers
  • Free weight rack and olympic platform
  • Hand grip dynamometers
  • Blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers
  • Polar heart rate monitors
  • Bioelectrical impedance body composition devices

The research sites (Hanner 2310 & Hanner 1257) are dedicated to the development of research interests amongst faculty and graduate and undergraduate students. The Human Performance and Body Composition Labs have capabilities for fitness evaluation and assessment, body composition assessment, biochemistry, and monitoring of a multitude of physiological markers. Equipment in the main laboratory spaces includes:

Hanner 2310
  • BodPod
  • GE Lunar DEXA
  • Single- and Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Impedimed Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Skinfold calipers
  • 2 x TrueOne 2400 Parvomedics metabolic cart
  • Mortara wireless ECG
  • 2 x 4 Front Woodway PRO 27 treadmills
  • Monark Ergomedic 894E stationary bike
  • Concept 2 Model E PM4 indoor rower
  • 2 x Lode Corival V3 cycle ergometers
  • 2 x Polar Team2 Transmitter suites of transmitters and straps
  • 60 x Zephyr PSM 50 bioharnesses
  • 35 x APEX athlete series (STATSsports) bioharnesses/accelerometers
  • Hand grip dynamometers
  • 8 x Zephyr Echo Repeater
  • 2 x Brower timing systems
  • Vista Heat Stress Computer model 858
  • 2 x Cardinal Detecto Physician’s Scale
Hanner 2310A

The equipment within the hematology room provides the capability to assess many aspects of blood chemistry and includes:

  • Revco -80C freezer
  • OneTouch UltraSmart blood glucose monitoring system
  • Nova biomedical lactate meter
  • SpectraMax Series microplate reader
  • SpectraDrop Micro-Volume 24-well microplate kit
  • Refrigerated, analytic, and compact centrifuges
  • Lauda M20 immersion circulator water bath
  • Eppendorf Research pipettes
  • Thermo Labsystems Finnpipette
  • Accumet Research AR20 pH/conductivity meter
  • Milton Roy Spectronic 601 spectrophotometer
  • General Heat Seeker infrared thermometer
  • Digital refractometers
  • Fisher Scientific isotemp waterbath

Last updated: 6/14/2021