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Research Published in NSCA Connect

This past September, Brandon Loewen, CSCS, a double eagle who has earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in exercise science, worked in collaboration with Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology faculty members Bridget Melton, Ed.D., Greg Ryan, Ph.D., and Ron Snarr Ph.D., and published the article, “Evidence-Based Exercise for Structural Firefighters-A Brief Review,” in the […]

Jody Langdon

Kinesiology Faculty Named International Scholar

Georgia Southern University Associate Professor Jody Langdon, Ph.D., has been invited by the Center for Self-Determination Theory to be an International Scholar due to her contributions to research and applied work in the field of motivation and human development. Individuals were selected as scholars based on their rigorous, evidence-based research using the Self-Determination Theory’s framework […]


Faculty Named to Engaged Scholar Program

NAKHE, an inclusive community of kinesiology professionals, extends its mentoring efforts into the area of scholarship by supporting mentoring and networking opportunities for tenured associate professors. The Engaged Scholar Program encourages faculty to continue their professional development efforts by providing financial support and a mentor/senior scholar. For the second time in five years, a faculty […]

Health Sciences and Kinesiology Students and Faculty Conduct Research on Peripheral Neuropathy

Under the guidance of Professor Li Li, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University graduate student Kelsey Lewis has spent the last year conducting research on peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that is a result of damage to the nerves outside an individual’s brain and spinal cord which results in weakness, numbness and pain. “Many people are not […]

Alumna Working to Make Athletic Trainers a Standard in Campus Recreation

Patient care has always been an aspect of athletic training that has drawn Jenna Morogiello (’17) to the field and now in her current role as the Coordinator of Injury Prevention and Care at Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) at Georgia Southern University, she spends her time evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients that visit the […]