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Nicholas Siekirk

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Wayne State University
Office: Statesboro Campus-Hollis building 1101A
Phone: 912-478-7401

Curriculum Vitae

Nicholas Siekirk Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Siekirk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology. His research is focused on the optimization of human movement. His work is applied and aims to guide the practitioner’s and exerciser’s decisions. He focuses on two distinct but interrelated lines of work:

  1. Negating factors related to musculoskeletal injury. 
  2. Improving how exercise can better transfer to an aging population’s needs (e.g., reduction of fall risk, delaying age-related changes in cognitive functions and muscle quality) 
  3. Improving how exercise can help individuals with a history of neurological disease (e.g., chronic stroke). 

He boasts 13+ years of experience within academic and professional settings. He obtained his Ph.D. (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) under Dr. Qin Lai (Texas A & M University, College Station, TX) in Motor Behavior. While at Wayne State, Dr. Siekirk also spearheaded multiple projects under Dr. Victoria Pardo and Dr. Sujay Galen (Neurotech Lab) in the Physical Therapy program. 

Last updated: 3/23/2022