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Health Sciences and Kinesiology Undergraduate Honors College

The Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology Undergraduate Honors College is made up of an elite group of academically advanced students who best represent the rigor of a health sciences & kinesiology education. Acceptance to the Honors College offers students the following benefits:

  • Advanced honors level courses taught by distinguished faculty
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Funding opportunities for research and professional conference travel support
  • Priority course registration
  • Experimental learning opportunities
  • Honors seal of distinction on diploma and transcripts
  • Opportunity to receive competitive research activity and professional conference travel funding

Honors Requirements

  • Completion of one experiential learning project per year (examples: study abroad, internship, leadership, volunteer position, etc.)
  • Required Honors College Courses
    • Exercise Science, Athletic Training, and Nutrition and Food Science majors enroll in research seminars during their junior and senior year to guide them through the research process and completion of an honors thesis.
    • Sport Management majors contract three upper-level major courses as honors and write an honors theses mentored by a professor.

Admission Requirements for Current Students

The application for current students includes a record of academic and co-curricular achievement and community involvement, a personal essay, and a letter of recommendation from a Georgia Southern University professor.

In order to ensure full consideration, please apply by March.

  • Completion of at least 15 credit hours at Georgia Southern
  • Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA
  • Record of academic and co-curricular achievement as well as community involvement
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation from Georgia Southern University faculty
  • Complete Honors College Application

Why Get an Honors in Health Sciences and Kinesiology?

Students who complete the honors requirements in health sciences and kinesiology are more competitive for graduate school, physical therapy programs and careers. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty mentor on in-depth research or applied projects which will enhance post-graduation opportunities. In addition to research, students gain hands-on learning that contributes to personal and professional development.

Contact Us

Dr. Daniel Czech

Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Office: Statesboro Campus-Hollis Building – Room 1104D
Phone: 912-478-5267

Last updated: 1/5/2021