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Internship Resources

Exercise Science

Career Resources

Are you interested in exercise science careers? The career opportunities can include:

  • Performing fitness evaluations and exercise prescriptions in private or corporate fitness centers
  • Working in industrial fitness settings
  • Assisting with cardiac rehabilitation in hospitals
  • Working as strength and conditioning (CSCS) assistant with athletic populations
  • Serving as tactical strength and conditioning assistant with military, local law enforcement and related agencies.

Students at Georgia Southern are prepared for diverse career opportunities. After completing our curriculum, you can pursue your interests in the real world. Additionally, you will be prepared for graduate or professional school training. Our exercise science major supports applications to physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant and medical school.

For more information, please see the American College of Sports Medicine’s career guide.

Internship Resources

Exercise Science Internship Resources

Applying for an Exercise Science Internship for Academic Credit

MOU Information

This list includes all sites for which GS Waters College of Health Professions currently has an active, fully executed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place to facilitate student internships and clinical rotations. The list is intended to be used by students as a resource to identify a potential site of interest for their internship hours. For example, a student from Atlanta may wish to locate a site within the Atlanta area. After reviewing the list, students should discuss the options with their program coordinator for planning purposes. Students should NOT contact a site directly.

Site List by Program

MOU Request/Renewal Form

MOU Request/Renewal Form (Faculty and Staff use only)

Faculty and staff please contact Jennifer Hoopes at 912-344-2565 with any questions regarding the MOU Request/Renewal Form. Students needing access to the form need to contact their clinical coordinator.

Sport Management*

Sport Management Internship ManualInternship Manual
Form 1: Description of Internship**Description of Internship
Form 2: Internship Supervisor Form**Internship Understanding
Form 3: Off Campus Student Participation**Off Campus Student Participation
Form 4: Verification of Liability InsuranceVerification of Liability Insurance


Purchase WCHP Student Liability Insurance

Internship Application Form*Internship Application Form

*Please upload the completed internship application.

**Once an internship is secured, please submit forms 1-4.

Contact the sport management program coordinator, Gregg Rich, at

Last updated: 7/31/2023