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Student Advisory Council

The Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology is consistently concerned about students’ experiences, perceptions, ideas and viewpoints regarding their experience in the our programs. The department created the Student Advisory Council in the fall of 2020 as an avenue in which a meaningful exchange of ideas among the department chair, faculty and students from programs within the department can occur.

The Student Advisory Council consists of one representative and one alternate representative from each program within the department. The Student Advisory Council is composed of undergraduate students at the junior or senior level and second year graduate students.

The responsibilities of each representative are as follows:

  1. Attend an orientation to the council conducted by the Chair.
  2. Attend designated council meetings on a regular basis as defined by the needs, responsibilities, and tasks of the council. In the event a representative cannot attend a meeting, the program alternate will attend the meeting in his/her absence.
  3. Elicit and convey student views, concerns, opinions, and suggestions at the Council meetings.

Current Representatives

BS – Nutrition and Food ScienceMary Katherine Brasher
MSK – Sports PsychWilliam Bean
BHS – GeneralistMadeleine Austin
MHAForam Patel
BHS – Human PerformanceZoe Lincoln
MS – Sports MedicineMeral Culver
BHS – GerontologyGara Bradley
BS – Sports ManagementShannon Callan
MSK – Exercise ScienceRachael Childress
BHS – Health Informatics
BHS – Health Services Admin.Danielle Brown
BSK- Athletic TrainingSutton Stuart
MSK – Athletic TrainingShelby Harbison
MSK – Health and Physical Ed.Megan Abbott
MSK – Coaching EducationReid Teatsorth
MS Sports ManagementDeondra Johnson
BSK – Exercise ScienceSamantha Estep
BS – Health and Physical Ed.Ryan Favre

Last updated: 6/15/2021