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Exercise Science Major

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*located on the Statesboro Campus

The exercise science major at Georgia Southern University focuses on the study of how exercise relates to the body in the following ways:

  •       Anatomically
  •       Biomechanically
  •       Neurologically
  •       Physiologically
  •       Psychologically

Prepare for employment in fitness centers, research laboratories or as an exercise technician in a cardiac rehabilitation center. Our curriculum provides an excellent foundation for students who are interested in pursuing graduate degrees in movement-based fields as well as for those students who wish to pursue a professional degree in medicine or in the rehabilitation sciences, such as physical or occupational therapy.

You will complete 125 semester credits, and the program is designed to be completed in four years.

You may also minor in exercise science, with options in exercise behavior or coaching behavior.

Check out Georgia Southern’s exercise science major career outcomes to find out what you can do with a degree.

Last updated: 3/19/2018

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